Deaney, George
Hi there

I've successfully configured GC with Outlook 2003 to connect with a mysql customer DB and synchronise the date to the appropriate staffs exchange contact boxes using views. When I manually sync using "load all" in the toolbar everything updates perfectly. However using any of the auto-sync methods available I get "End-Scheduled Sync" in the console.

Failed logs:

11-07-13 13:36:00: Block GeniusConnect Toolbar Load
11-07-13 13:36:00: CCScheduler: Starting Outlook C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\OUTLOOK.EXE /recycle
11-07-13 13:36:00: CCScheduler: Waiting for Outlook
11-07-13 13:36:15: CCScheduler: MAPIInitialize
11-07-13 13:36:15: CCScheduler: MAPILogonEx
11-07-13 13:36:15: CCScheduler: Waiting for GeniusConnect
11-07-13 13:36:15: CCScheduler: MAPI Logoff
11-07-13 13:36:15: CCScheduler: MAPI MAPIUninitialize
11-07-13 13:36:15: De-Block GeniusConnect Toolbar Load

INFO:20130711 13:36:03 End-scheduled synchronization

....and just to prove it works manually...

GS(from manual click).log

INFO:20130710 12:54:50 Folder: \\Mailbox - Ed\Contacts
INFO:20130710 12:54:50 Connecting to database: Genius_MySQL
INFO:20130710 12:54:56 Connected to database
INFO:20130710 12:54:57 Using file storage:F:\GeniusConnect\Contacts1.gc
INFO:20130710 12:54:57 Loading selected items from database...
INFO:20130710 12:54:58 Updated: JOE BLOGGS
INFO:20130710 12:54:58 Disconnecting from database
INFO:20130710 12:54:58 Disconnected from database. Time Elapsed:0 min. 8 sec. Start:07/10/13 12:54:50 End:07/10/13 12:54:58 Items:1 Items/second:0
INFO:20130710 13:00:04 End-scheduled synchronization

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
What are you settings in GeniusConnect Config->Synchronize Schedule ?

Is sync direction set to "Load All" ?
Deaney, George
Yes sync direction is Load all for all.

And this happens if I have set to sync at startup, sync every "n" minutes or using a windows scheduled task.


can we plan a remote session to check your config remotely? Please see Contact page: 
Deaney, George
That sounds like a good idea.

One of my colleagues will arrange this as I am on annual leave for the next 10 days

Many thanks