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We are using an asp web app as a helpdesk with Outlook task (2003) integration.

It works great for viewing, updating and deleting records (plus we have added a ton of helpdesk functionality to the records).

However, when I create a task (add a record to db) from our web app, I get a new task created every 5 minutes (that is our sync schedule). Basically if I create a task in the helpdesk called "fix input" I will have 20 "fix input" tasks after an hour.

I have tried creating the record with a VB created GUID, with a SQL created guid and without inserting a GUID (that doesn't work for sure). It seems as though Outlook/GC isn't recognizing the original task and keeps recreating it in Outlook, then syncing that back to the DB.

I hope all that made sense and thanks for your help.
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