we have a time management tool that is connected via GeniusConnect to our shared folders in outlook. Every department has own calender.

We are able to load all results from the db to the outlook calender. This is working great.
Unfortunately if the db record was deleted the Outlook item still remains.

In Options we checked the Delete Outlook Item when database record deleted option and also Silent delete CAUTION:this option will block confirmation dialog!

but nothing happens.

We are loading all DB data from a View.

Our Licence is Multi user business
GeniusConnect Version:601001
Outlook Version: 14.0.4760.1000

best regards
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

unless you are using the "Database change detection" (Assign Table->Options->Database change detection ), GeniusConnect will delete the record on next "Load All", you have to implement the "Database change detection" for real time delete/update/insert. If the Outlook item does not get deleted on "Load All" there is something wrong with the config, please mail us your config (Assign Table->Export).