I downloaded the demo version of the software (and I really like it) - I have everything configured seems correctly.. I have a db setup and a public folder mapped to a db table all the field types map fine. When I click on the folder and try to extract my data from the public folder called Corporate Contact - I connect to the db with a little check then I get this error
"You don't have the appropriate permission to perform this operation (SynFolder)" and all else fails? Now I'm a sys admin on the sql server and I'm a domain admin on the exchange box (I can see and navigate the contents of the folder through Outlook) What could this error be?

this is not GeniusConnect error but MS Exchange/Outlook error.
It sounds like you don't have enough permission?
GeniusConnect depends on Outlook, we are not checking/setting etc permissions.

I found also this on the internet.

"You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation"

Most of the time Outlook XP works fine. But a random times, when I click Send/Receive I get the message "You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation" The only way to get around this is to quit Outlook and restart it.

This is not GeniusConnect related, but sounds like the same problem.

Ok found a little more info.. If I make a local copy of the folder I"m trying to synch to everything works fine. We are using exchange 2003 with active directory is there any security setting here that need to be modified - also we want the ability to sync with our global address book any suggestions for accomplishing this? Thanks!
never mind figured out my first problem... goofy rights on the Active Directory - though I'm still wondering can I connect to a global address book?

if your global address book is published as public contact folder, it is possible.