We are running version 4 of your product. We have a dedicated GeniusConnect machine which is used to synchronize from our database to selected user's Outlook calendars.

I would like to discontinue synchronizing events after they are a month old or so but I don't want them deleted from the calendar. I know I can do this in the filter statement.

I also need to delete events in the calendar if they are deleted in the database so I have used the "Delete Outlook item when database item deleted" option on the Folder Options tab.

My problem is that I don't want the old items deleted from the calendar, I just want to stop synchronizing. It doesn't make sense to be synchronizing events that are a year old.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.
you can use Outlook Filter and "Filter Rows" to avoid deleting old items from calendar.

See help topic : Advanced registry settings->Outlook Filter

SQL Filter will load only database records not older then 1 month and "Outlook Filter" will avoid GeniusConnect to delete old items originally loaded from database (also storing old items back to DB etc..).

Example Outlook Filter:
[Start] > last month

Please note:
Outlook Filter works only with Load/Store ALL, it will be ignored when selecting an Outlook Item and using the Load/Store Item button!