I am using the demo version with windows xp and outlook 2003(french version, belgium),
I need to synch my contact folder with a MYSQL DB, all the setup has worked fine but I still get strange problems with the address field in outlook.
By example, in my DB I have a field with the country (Belgium, United States,...), I setup the map in geniusconnect between "Home Address Country" and the database field "country".
Synchronize runs without error, but when I look into the "Address" Home in outlook, I can see that "Belgique" is present in all my contact's addresses. All the other fields are well filled, I mean the data's from the db are well in the outlook contact form.
Thanks for your help.
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

are you sure your link ("Home Address Country" to DB Field Country)
is ok?

GeniusConnect uses only the data returned from the DB,
so it sounds strange it will decide to fill all fields with "Belgique"
I just uninstall completely and reinstall, create a new database
and finally merge the complete address to a single field of the db.
This give by example for a company
Street address
Postalcode City
I set the map between outlook "Home Address" and this new field of my db, sync goes well but at the end of the address there is still "Belgique" in each created contact.
I was wondering if this problem could come from my outlook 2003 which is in french, my regionnal settings french (belgium), and genius in english ?
We never heard about this problem, i don't thinkt this has to do with GeniusConnect