i´m totaly new to GeniusConnect and there is one Question:

We have an SQL Server with an Calendartable and Outlook Calendar with an User Definied Field.

What we need is a Sync of those two sources but only if a given Field is not empty.
What is the best way to get this:

Custom SQL Commands für Insert AND Update or "Filter Rows" ?

On both sides it is a Field with a Number. (Like an ID)

Thanks for Help on this.

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You can use the Filter rows to limit the DB result:
Example: myField IS NOT NULL

If you want to limit also the Outlook items, you can use Outlook Filter: 

If the database is leading you can also use this option:
Only update and do not insert Database items
Only update existing database records. (Never insert new records)
Use this option if Records may be created only using a specific application or process. GeniusConnect will ignore items created in Outlook, it will update only records previously loaded to Outlook from database.

See also help topic: Folder Options

Thank you. This was really fast :-)

"Filter Rows" is working fine, but i have a Problem with the Outlook Filter.
Is this working with User Definied Fields ? I have tried this: [myField] > '' but i get an Error that property "myField" is unknown.
The Outlook Filter is a Microsoft function, and depends on your Outlook version.

The syntax of Outlook filters can be found on Microsoft site: 

According to Microsoft, If you are trying to use the Filter with user-defined fields, the fields must be defined in the folder. For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: