Huth, Cam
In "Show Fields", I am ADDING a UDF from my Available Fields list to a list view of my Contacts and I get this message: "The Folder is full." I must hit OK three times for this message to disappear. Upon disappearance of the message, all my selected
Contacts also disappear. If I go FILTER > CLEAR ALL, I get the same message back. If I click a different Contacts Folder and then back on the working Contacts Folder I get all my selected Contacts back again in the working Contacts Folder. Does anyone know what this means or how to get around this?
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
What do you mean by "Show Fields" or "FILTER > CLEAR ALL"? There is no such thing in GeniusConnect?
Huth, Cam
These are commands within Outlook. It is MS Outlook where I am having a problem. This morning, I went to use Outlook and now when I click on my primary folder in Contacts, I get a grey screen and this message:

“Unable to display the folder. The folder is full.”

When I click on any of the other folders which are usually left empty (I occasionally use these folders to isolate a group of contacts after a select process) the other folders appear empty but are normal with a white screen, just indicating there are no contacts presently in that folder.

If you have any ideas, I would sure appreciate that.

Huth, Cam
I am wondering: Is Genius Connect a forum for dealing with problems relating to Microsoft application issues? I may have misinterpretted the uses of this sight.
No, it is dealing with GeniusConnect related issues: