Hansel, Peter

I'm trying to implement a timed two way sync between an Outlook Contact folder and a MySQL database. In the future, I will be updating contacts from both the Outlook folder and in MySQL. Thus, I want a two way sync that is capable of updating either source from edits in the other. Right now, I have the sync in the order load then save. However, that means if I update a contact in Outlook, when it's time to sync it first copies the data from MySQL into Outlook, which immediately undoes the update. If I switch the order to save then load, then any updates I make to the MySQL db are immediately overwritten by the old versions from Outlook.

Is there a way I can make it so that I can update from either the MySQL end or the Outlook end and the updates will be properly synced either way?


Please see the Assign Table->Options->Advanced Tab, and the checkbox "Use LastModificationTime", (you must map a datetime column to Outlook LastModificationTime column), for more info click Help button or F1 key.
Please Note: if an other application updates your mySQL record(s), you must make sure the date/time column gets updated
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