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I am moving our existing GeniusConnect install from one server to another. I have done the setup before. On the new server, scheduled synchronization is skipping all configured profiles/folders, and only shows the following in logs:

Starting on Internal scheduler signal
End-scheduled synchronization
No errors are present in logs.

If I manually select Load All for any of the folders, they work without issue, exactly as expected.

I am using the internal scheduling now, but tested with Windows Scheduler and get the exact same result. I have verified the scheduling settings, order, task name (blank), folder settings, filters, etc. and I cannot find any reason this should be skipped during every scheduled sync.

18 folders are configured for sync, and I am using the multi-user license. This is with Outlook 2016 on a Windows Server 2016 standard edition and GeniusConnect unicode version

Can anyone please help? Thanks!
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
Please check if the Windows Scheduler task is running under same account as Outlook account you have configured. If this does not solve the issue,
https://www.geniusconnec...les/GeniusConnect/2/3/3/  ) to plan a remote support session.
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I am using the Genius Connect scheduler, not Windows. I only tested with the Windows Scheduler to ensure it was not a GC scheduler issue.
ok, sorry, so the problem exist also with internal scheduling.

You can try "Block Store Check" in GeniusConnect config->Advanced options.

By default GeniusConnect checks store behind a folder, if it detects any problem, it will ignore the folder, this check box will disable this check.

We see problems with Store mostly with upgraded MS Exchange systems
Please note, if there is a problem with the store, and you use this feature, GeniusConnect can freeze!
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That has resolved the issue, thank you! Is there something I should address in order to avoid needing this exception in the first place? Otherwise, this is solved. I will monitor for freezing.

investigating store corruption can be very time consuming, we know from experience that 90% of all cases are related to older MS Exchange stores upgraded to higher versions, and the problem resides on Exchange server store and is not related to Outlook client.
There are tools for Physical/Logical Exchange corruption detection and repair, but we have no experience with it.

I'm having the store corruption issue too by the looks of it. I'm ready to pull my hair out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
If GeniusConnect ignores some folders during scheduled sync, try the "Block Store Check" in GeniusConnect config->Advanced options
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