I'm new at dealing with SQL, so if this is something painfully obvious, please let me know. Google groups can only take you so far <grin>.

I get this error when loading any 1 contact. If I try to "load all" I get an "ODBC 07001 too few parameters, expected 2" error.

The SQL line I'm using for primary key is:

select (max(ID) + 1) from EXTBOOK

(EXTBOOK is the table name. ID is the primary key of the access db)

It looks like OutlookConnect is connecting to the data source, but that's it. The fields from the db are all mapped to the Outlook Contact fields (with the exception of the ID field).

Did I miss something?
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
Do you have columns with space char in it?
Don't use it. Use "MyCol" instead of "My Col"
or check the "ANSI quoted identifiers" checkbox
Thanks for the reply.

No luck, the spaces have been replaced and the error persists. From my google groups browsing, the "too few parameters" error implied my SQL command may not be correct, but I know I used a command similar to the one found in the OutlookConnect help file.

Any other ideas why OutlookConnect would respond saying I don't have a primary key, even though I do? I'm still going to look for related answers through newsgroups, but any insight you have is greatly appreciated.

Send us your database with some test data and OutlookConnect ini file. (Export button on Assign table dialog).
We will take a look.
Nevermind, I found the problem. The column titles in the access db need to be all uppercase. ODBC is quite picky :-)

Thanks again.