Keller, Chris
I have thousands of folders (in a pst file)... how can I ask GC to store them all in one go? I saw some posts from 2005 but wanted to check what the best method is for Office 2013.

GC: Private V501501 32-bit
Outlook 2013, 32-bit (on 64-bit Win8 OS)
ODBC: 5.2 driver (32-bit)
MySQL: 5.5.34 (on ubuntu 13.10.1 server)
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

if you can use the same profile/cofiguration for all folders:
-configure one folder (and test it)
-on GeniusConnect ->"Synchronize Schedule" Tab, set direction for the folder to "Store All" and set the scheduler to "Extern scheduler" (you don't have to config a real scheduler!)
-copy the configuration from the template folder to all other folders (GeniusConnect config->Database Tab->select the source folder->"Copy Profile button.."

To Start the scheduled sync manually go to GeniusConnect installation folder and start "GCScheduler.exe", this will trigger the sync.

If you are on Exchange/Office 365 make sure you are running in cached mode.

Keller, Chris
Thanks for the tipp! I stored over 120'000 emails in lots of folders with this and it worked quite well. Happy!
Thanks for this info!
Vigh, Atilla
This only works with the Business Edition, not with the Private Edition!

You need Business license or higher to use Synchronize Schedule.
Vigh, Atilla
For developing reasons I went on and came across another necessary feature/trick.
Now I can quickly copy the same profile to a lot of different folders (a few hundred).
When trying to delete the profiles, I can only delete them one at a time. I don't see a way to do this in one go. Someone any ideas?