Robinson, Jeff

I’m running:
GeniusConnect Version:4-2000(400901) Multi-Byte build Business with Mail
Outlook 2003 version
MySQL database

I've got a situation where Outlook is receiving a lot of emails with attached doc files. There may be 100 different doc files but many of the attachments are updated versions of those files. I don't care about the old versions of the doc files - all I want is the latest one.

When GeniusConnect extracts and saves the attachment, it saves it as <parent primary key>_<attachment index>_<original attachment name>.<original file type> or, for example, 100_0_myfilename.doc. When the update to the file is saved, it is saved as 101_0_myfilename.doc. Now I have two files where I wanted only one - the latest one.

Ideally, I would like the file saved as <original attachment name>.<original file type> or, for example, myfilename.doc. This way, when a newer version arrives, it can overwrite the old version.

I realize that this will cause confusion with the SQL table, but overwriting the old file with the updated file is more important to me.

Is there any way to drop the <parent primary key>_<attachment index>_ when the attachment is extracted and saved?
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

no there is no way to change the <parent primary key>_<attachment index>_ naming.
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