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Dear Sir,

My question is about the attachment.

I create a new JournalAttachment table with the same structure as MailAttachment Example table, And use the same ini to do the connection between outlook fields and db fields.
I found if I use the following steps
New Journal | Insert | File
to add an attachment
then the attachment could be ‘stored’ successfully to DB.
On the other hand,
Tools | Option | Preferences| Journal Options. Tick ‘Microsoft Excel’ and ‘Microsoft Word’
Then when every time the user opens the excel or word file. The Journal will record the file automatically.
However, If the journal is created this way, when doing the synch, GC_attach_Binary in DB is empty, which means the file is not uploaded.
Is it correct? Or there is any other way to store this kind of Journal Attachment?

Thanks for your help in advance
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
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According to Microsoft, when you config Journal to track MS Word, Excel etc… files, it will add it as “Linked” attachment.
It means not the binary, but the path to the document.

To be able to open the document on a different PC, you will have to store the documents on a network drive, same for all users.
Journal for C:\MyDoc\Doc.doc will open correctly only on the PC having the same driver and path

If you use a Network drive or full network path:
Journal for H:\MyDoc\Doc.doc will open correctly

Here are the definitions of Attachment methods( in your case attachment method 4):
Constant representing the way the contents of an attachment can be accessed.
1=Attachment binary contains the attachment data by value
2=full path and filename contains a fully qualified path identifying the attachment to recipients with access to a common file server
3=full path and filename contains a fully qualified path identifying the attachment
4=Same as 3 but the messaging system never resolves the reference(link only)
5=Attachment binary is an embedded message
6=Attachment binary is an embedded OLE object

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