I would like to preserve the links between contacts and items (in the journal, on the calendar, etc.), which show up on each contact's activities page. If I use GeniusConnect to link the outlook "Contacts" field for a journal item with a database field, then the links show up in the db as a comma separated string of the contact names that the journal item is linked to. The problem is that I have different contacts with the same names. My client deals with many different contacts, some of which have the same name, and so a comma separated list of contact names is insufficient to prevent ambiguity. If one user creates a journal item and links it, for example, to "Bob Smith" and then stores it in the db, and then another user loads that journal item from the db, outlook won't know which "Bob Smith" to connect it to. Is there another way for GeniusConnect to get the links into the db, such as by concatenating the contact's FullName & Company properties?

I am using Outlook 2003.

unfortunately this is how Outlook stores the contact information, they store only the name, no additional info.

The only way is to type for example email address in the Contacts field, instead of using Microsoft Address Book/Check names button.