I am using the demo version of GeniusConnect. When I store a calendar item from Outlook 2003 into MySQL, I need an additional column to be filled with some default text that is not mapped to an Outlook field. In the Primary/Mandatory Keys dialog I have two keys, like this:

event_id || Primary || select max(event_id) from classroom_1 || Yes
event_room || Mandatory || insert into classroom_1 (event_room) values ('Classroom 1 (1st Floor)') || No

"event_room" is not mapped to anything in Outlook -- it is the DB column that will hold the default text created by the SQL statement.

When I Store Item, the default text is added to the correct column, but it is added as a separate DB row and not attached to the actual calendar item.

What am I missing? Is the mandatory key not the way to accomplish what I want?


The SQL Statement must return a value to GeniusConnect, your statement inserts something to DB, but does not return any value to GeniusConnect.

use: select 'Classroom 1 (1st Floor)'
Works great. Thanks. I don't yet understand why it works, but I'll look into that later.