Hogg, Martin
Hi, In the past I have struggled with the problem of Outlook changing field content on load from a database, and then consequently changing the Last Mod time in Outlook. I am loading contact information.

My workaround is to ignore that problem, by setting last mod time wins, but then inhibiting any storage back to the database. This produces warnings, but is considerably quicker.

This works well on the native mailbox on the machine. But it does not work with other users mailboxes. The other users mailboxes load the information, but the info is updated, which is quite slow.

I have enabled caching on GC, and in Outlook I am running in cached mode on the mailboxes. Time sync across all machines is good. The Exchange server is accessed via a broadband link.

I am running the latest Version 3 release.

Any ideas what is going on?



GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

we do not recommend Exchange cached mode ! Oulook will save all data in local file (.ost) and then sync with Exchange, exchange can/will change the lastmodification time so on next sync the lastmodification time will always differ.

Solutions (you will have to upgrade to edition 4!):
-Do not use cached mode (you can sync all users from one dedicated install without cached mode)
-in edition 4, we have introduced:
1. Compare only last modification time (ignore differences in for example Outlook formatted phone numbers etc..)
2. change lastmodificationtime compare tolerance (accept for example 1 second difference as "Equal" )