I have the demo version installed.
I read the MS Access FAQ and have tried the mandatory keys setting up but can't work it out properly.

You mention in one posting that adding the SQL statement for the primary key is only necessary if you want to store OLContact folder data in the (access) database. Isn't this the reason for synchronization - to keep the folders and (database) tables linked?

I am setting up the demo version. I've linked my OLContacts folder to the Access sample database (ACContacts).
I've assigned OCS_ID as the primary key (only by opening up the Contacts MDB file to see which field has the primary key) and added the SQL statement (select ...max +1 etc...).
I've linked four fields in OLContact folder to 4 fields in the ACContacts database. Clicked OK. No error messages but the buttons on the OC tabs are greyed out still, as is the synchronization sheet in setup.
What steps am I missing to get things active?
tks - Neil

You have to select the contacts folder first. Then the load buttons will become active.
Thanks - it is becoming clearer.
I will test all the options available to see if it fully suits my application.