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Hello, I have been inputing all of the colleges in the US into Outlook 2003 and I want to be able to offer this data to peolple that use either Outlook 2003,Excel, Access, Outlook Express or Outlook 2002 and earlier. The idea is to be able ot use the information (that pinpoints colleges with golfing programs) that includes addresses, phone numbers, emails of golf coaches, pictures, and particularly the categories the the colleges fit into. I have categorized in Outlook the following categories: 2 year college, 4 year college, state, number enrolled (< 1000, 1k-5k, 5k-10k, etc), cost for residents and no-residents, atheletic division (NCAA 1, NCAA 2,ETC). This information caters to golfers that are writing letters to college coaches in hopes of getting a golf scholarship. If for instance a golfer wants to know all of the colleges in Texas that are 4 year, NCAA 1, tuition is less than $20,000/year, they can sort that info within Outlook and narrow the letters that need to be written to their particular needs.

My question is: what is the best way to make this data available to the general public that has different Outlook programs? I know that Outlook 2003 is not compatible with 97-2002 because of the different file format. How do I get Excel to recognize the different categories that I have given the colleges? When I export to Excel, it dumps all the categories into one column. What is the best format to export the data so that Outlook express can see all of the info? Did I put this data in the wrong program to start with. Should it have been done in Access or Excell to begin with? Thanks you for any insight you may have.

GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
I will use for example MS Access as Source.
MS Access can Export to different formats.
(You can use OutlookConnect to read this data for Outlook 2000,XP,2003)

How do I get Excel...:
No Idea

Outlook express:
Outlook express can import Address Book (.wap, TextFiles char seperated),
Messages from Outlook,Exchange and other mailing software

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