Perrott, Greg
The Auto save feature to capture Exchange/outlook changes into a database does not work if the Genius Connect software is doinig a LoadAll.
How are you making the changes if the Load All is in progress? are you on a public folder changing the data from a different PC?
Perrott, Greg
Yes. The changes are being made from another Outlook client and the contacts are in a shared folder.
Perrott, Greg
Why have you deleted my other topic I posted yesterday about another bug with Auto Save?

Auto save does not always capture every Exchange/Outlook change. If a user makes changes to multipe contacts by edit contacts in the list view then at best only have of the changes are captured by Auto save.
"Why have you deleted my other topic I posted yesterday about another bug with Auto Save?"
it appears to me as the same problem like this topic?

I was testing changing contacts in the list (not opening a detail dialog) but the auto save works.
Are you using some special kind of View/List? I was testin with all default View types (Address cards, Detailed Address Cards etc..)
Perrott, Greg
Just using the normal list view.

How I found the problem: From the conmtact list I changed the company name for 6 contacts. I made the changes quite quickly.
I see that only 3 of the 6 changes have been captured by Genius Connect.

So yes it does work, but it does not synchronise every change. This
maybe to do with the speed of th the edits and Genius conect is busy and is missing some changes. Either way, not to good.

we will investigate this and try to fix it in the next release.

we have released GeniusConnect BETA with fixes for the auto.sync problem
Please let us know if it works for your scenario: 
Remark (MS Exchange):
If "Load All" is busy and GeniusConnect is changing the same Outlook Item as an user (same moment), Auto.Save can still miss
the change or GeniusConnect may overwrite the changes made by the user!

If you are using conflict detection (LastModificationTime), GeniusConnect may detect the change and decide to not overwrite the data in Outlook, but overwrite the data in DB, but this depends on timing of the changes.

GeniusConnect sync. (when syncing both ways) is actually a Multi-master replication.
One of the Disadvantages of Multi-master replication is
Loose consistency.

Loose consistency means that the replicas are not guaranteed to be consistent with each other at any particular point in time because changes can originate from any replica at any time.

Perrott, Greg
Admin, your last two comments appear to contradict each other. Has this issue been fixed or not?
The bug has been fixed, GeniusConnect was not detecting a change during "Load All" even if the Outlook Item was not changed by GeniusConnect.

But, there is still a chance of conflict as discribed above.

Perrott, Greg
Thanks for the clarification.

I will download the beta and let you know how I get on.