We are running version 4 of your product. We have a dedicated GeniusConnect machine which is used to synchronize from our database to selected user's Outlook calendars.

We have synchronization scheduled to occur every 15 minutes for a total of 5 users at this point. It seems to be working well but occasionally we get the following error messages ...

S1000 [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] The database has been placed in a state by an unknown user that prevents it from being opened or locked. 
IM006 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed
IM006 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed (SyncFolder)

When we okay out of the error message, everything goes back to being fine - at least it seems that way.

We need to start using this for more users but we need to fix this error first. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
Do you have other applications opening the MS Access DB in Exclusive Mode?

(You can block the Error Message in GeniusConnect->Options)
It is possible that we do although I didn't think so. If we block the error message, will it just sync at the next scheduled time?

Thank you.
yes, it will not wait for user action.
You can use log (nt log or file log) to log the errors.