maris, stefan
Hi There,

I'm a newbie to GeniusConnect and have a specific question...

We are using Outlook Calendar as a time registration utility in our organisation (we are on Exchange 2003). Now I want to transfer the Outlook appointment items of each Exchange user to a central database (MySQL). For evaluation purposes I've bought 1 business license, and that works just fine for my single account (running on my client). I have configured an Outlook filter through the registry (as in your tips and tricks) for only syncing specific records.

Before purchasing a multi-user license I want to be sure that we will be able to use GeniusConnect for the intended purpose:
- do we need to install GeniusConnect on each seperate client, setting up a schedule on each of them?
- or can we run an outlook client on the Exchange Server, that synchronises all user Calendars? In this latter case, are there specific settings needed for the clients calendar folders (e.g. regarding rights; or set as public folder?) Can we still work with the 'Outlook filter'?
- any other things we have to be aware of?


"do we need to install GeniusConnect on each seperate client, setting up a schedule on each of them?"
You can use both scenarios:

For the dedicated install (one PC) see example:
MS Exchange examples: How to synchronize multiple MS Exchange user accounts from one dedicated PC/Server with MS Outlook and GeniusConnect. 

For the install per user see topic Automatic Deployment: 

Per User install:
Load spread out over Multiple PC
Multiple installs/maintenance
Performance decrease on Client PC during sync
Multiple database connections

Dedicated (from One PC) install:
one install/maintenance
NO performance decrease on Client PC during sync

huge load from one PC ,lots of memory etc... (with huge number of users Multiple Dedicated PC's needed)