McGrew, Katie
I have a church database that I want to synchronize with my personal Outlook for contact information.

When I load all the records from the church database (MS Access 2003), I'd like it to specify a category on my Outlook 2003 contact record. For example, I'd like to specify 'Living Word', which is the name of my church, to each contact on Outlook that is updated or added from the database. That way I can run a query against my Outlook contacts against the category field if I want to select just church contacts. I know I could always create another contact folder for chuch contacts, but I prefer not to, cuz that causes issues when I sync to my Palm Pilot.

Is this possible to do? If so, how.

Thank you.
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

you can add a Category column to your database and fill it with the right values and map this fields to outlook Category fields.

Another option is to define a query (VIEW) like "select 'Living Word' as Category, * from myTable" and use the query in GeniusConnect instead of table. (Please note: you must provide GeniusConnect with custom SQL statements for insert, update and delete when using VIEW's!)
McGrew, Katie
I can't add a field to the original table because it's part of a software package, but I can create a view like you suggested.

Can you give me details about the custom SQL statements that are required for insert, udpate & delete for view's?

Thank you.
if you are using MS Access you can't use a store procedure, so you will have to use a normal Insert , update, delete statement.

when you are ready with the mappings, go to Folder Options->SQL Commands:
Example custom SQL Statement:
Insert into YourTable (Col1,Col2 etc....) VALUES( use the insert params button to insert the params)

Same for update and delete statements.