We have Treos and we want to sync our Outlook with our Access databases through the Treo over the Internet. Would this be possible?
it is possible, but you have to open some ports on your firewalls to make a direct database connection possible
or if you are using FTP.

you can use for example WebDrive ( or other ftp client tools.

With this tool you can map a drive letter to a ftp location.
Since ftp location maps to a drive letter, it is easy to create a MS Access ODBC datasource to ms access mdb file on ftp location.

Most firewalls are accepting ftp traffic.

I have similar question... We have our company website with calendar/planner similar to outlook calendar. We want to sync this calendar data (stored in relational DB) with our outlook 2003/exchange calendar data. When we change data in website calendar, it has to reflect (sync) with our oulook calendar and vice versa. Can GeniusConnect do that?

Another thing, do we need to install geniusconnect in each MS Outlook Client PC to be able to do so?

it is possible but you will need to open some ports on your firewall.
(if you will install GeniusConnect on each MS Outlook client)

"Another thing, do we need to install geniusconnect in each MS Outlook Client PC to be able to do so?"
If you are using Outlook with MS Exchange you can sync everyone from one dedicated PC.

You you are using standalone Outlook you must install GeniusConnect on every PC.


I forgot the following:
If you are using MS Exchange, You can use GeniusConnect in dedicated mode:
See example:
How to synchronize multiple MS Exchange user accounts from one dedicated PC/Server with MS Outlook and GeniusConnect.