I send my contacts to a mysql table to use as part of an Asterisk PABX phone system at home. This system takes the incoming phone number, and looks up in the mysql table to display a name on the phone. As the incoming phone number is without spaces I am having to programatically remove spaces from the outlook sourced data in mysql to compare with incoming phone numbers as part of the lookup.

Can the genuis connect application remove spaces from the phone number fields, by placing a formulae on a column, rather as a direct match, as it sends them to the mysql table via Store or StoreAll ? Otherwise this means editing, and maintaining all phone numbers in outlook without spaces.
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

GeniusConnect is not able to remove the space characters from phone numbers.
If you are using mySQL 5.0, you can write an Insert/Update Trigger. This Trigger can remove the spaces on every Insert/update.
many thanks - I am using Linux, so the mysql version is pre 5.0

I will have have to create an automated job on the server to update the numbers