GeniusConnect Team
For use with Microsoft SQL Server there is a sample script to create the example tables.
Please run this script in MS SQL Server Query tools to create the tables.

After table creation, please create an ODBC data source 
to the database and Name it for example : "GeniusConnect-MSSQLServer".

Start Outlook and open the ‘GeniusConnect setup’ dialog.

Select on the database property page the Outlook folder you want to link to the database table.

Click the ‘Assign table’ button to open the ‘Assign table’ dialog.

In this dialog the data source must be selected first,
please select the "GeniusConnect-MSSQLServer" datasource.

Enter a login name and password (not necessary if you are using NT Security to connect with MS SQL Server) and click the ‘Connect’ button.

Now we have a connection to the database and a table can be selected.
When a table is selected a list with all available Outlook fields is displayed in the list view.

Import the example definition files, or link all fields manually.

It is advisable to use the definition files if you are new to GeniusConnect and databases.

To import the definition press the ‘Import’ button and select the definition file that matches your folder type. (Contact, Mail etc)

Files (usually: "C:\Program Files\Genius@WORK\GeniusConnect\Examples\SQLServer")

-‘Example MSSQL Server - Outlook 2000 Contacts.ini’.
-‘Example MSSQL Server - Outlook Mail.ini’.


Database creation script: Example MSSQL Server - Outlook.sql

Please follow the same steps for mySQL example, but use the mySQL example files.

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