I have just purchased GeniusConnect Business with the calendar module.

I will use it to update a MS Access database.

I use Outlook 2003 and the version of GeniusConnect is Version:4-2000(40030) Multi-Byte build.Outlook version

But I have 2 problems:

1. When I update the Access database with the datefields the time is included therefore I would try to change it with the conversion function, but it is grayed out. Why? And what can I do to activate? it.

2. I would like to only store items for the last 2 months and all future in the database. How can I do that?

Thanks in advance for helping me.

Best regards

GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

1.the conversion function is enabled only when converting to a different datatype, but when there is an exact match between datatypes, only the UTC conversion is enabled.

Please note: You can use custom update/insert statements and convert the datetime in this statement.
See help topic:SQL Commands

2.For the filter , please see topic: 

Thanks for your advice, but you have to help me alittle bit more please.

1. What is the command for replacing the datefield in the database with this syntax: dd-mm-yyyy

2. I onestly don't understand where and how.
[Start] < 2 weeks ago and [Start] > all days in the future

I will be very glad if you can help me a little bit more. I don't think it is clear for me.

Thanks in advance.

1.You can use something like this: Format('@mycolumn','dd-mm-yyyy')
Please note: support for this depends on MS Access version and ODBC driver!

2. I was checking Microsoft documentation and I found only "last month" parameter

Okay I'm allmost up and runing. I have one final problem and one wish.

When I "Store all" it is not all Items there are updated in the database. If I use "Store item" it will update the datebase, but when I use "Store all" again it is removed fromthe database.

If you would like I can send my INI file.

The Wish:
It would be nice in the future to select "Category" like you use the field "Private". I have some appoitments whish I use at work but not at home. Therefore if I select "Private" my collegue on my work can't see them....

but Store All does not delete records from DB, are you sure? Store all will try to store all Folder items (filtered if Outlook filter used), but it will never delete items!

Is it possible you are using the option Delete all records before store all?
I have deleted all items in the database to be shure it was emthy.

After that I make a "Store All" and all then it will not take all the items to the database and it is that I dont understand..
is it possible that the Outlook filter is causing the problem?

Try also to remove the primary keys from the folder, see help topic:Clear primary key from Outlook items
What is your SQL Statement for primary key generation? (Assign Table->Mandatory Keys)
Now everything is runing smoothly. I only have one issue and that is ALL DAY events. If I have a ALL DAY events in Outlook it spand over 2 days in the database. It is most likely holidays whish are ALL DAY events. I therefore have to change all Holidays to a "normal" appointment. Is there a generel problem for GeniusConnect with ALL DAY events in Outlook or am I missing something?.

This is not GeniusConnect related, but Outlook related.
Whem you mark an event as "ALL DAY event", Outlook sets the end date one day later.
Some All DayEvent
Start date: 2008-dec-20 00:00:00
End date: 2008-dec-21 00:00:00

You can store the Outlook Flag "AllDayEvent" to your DB and check it in your queries to determinate the "real" Start and End.
Thanks I have created the field "AllDayEvent" in the database. Is it possible to changes the end date in the datbase with GeniusConnect when it update the database. And if yes how?
You can use your own SQL statement or stored procedures for insert / update, please see help topic:SQL Commands
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