Stafford, David
I'm working in a multi-user environment with GeniusConnect running on only one PC.

Rather than have a separate database table for each user, I'd like to link all the calendar folders to the same database table. However, I need to know which user belongs to which diary entry.

I have a field in my database called strAppointmentOwner which I'd like to populate with the user's name. I realise Outlook doesn't store the user's name.

I think it should be possible to insert the user's name using an SQL statement but I can't work out how to do this. Can anybody give me some advice please?

Many thanks
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

You can try to use {OUTLOOK_FOLDER_FULL} dyn. parameter and filter out the user (Calendar owner)name.
Outlook does not offer this info, we are trying to find out how to get the owner of a folder from Outlook, but right know this is the only solution.

Do not use the {OUTLOOK_USER} param, this is the current Outlook user, not a folder owner!
Stafford, David
Thanks very much.

Could I insert usernames via a mandatory key and associated sql statement?

Thanks and regards

Yes, you can enter any SQL statement like select 'some user name', or you can make it dynamic.

Create a table "FolderOwner" with column owner, FolderPath.

Then use SQL statement like select owner from FolderOwner where FolderPath='{OUTLOOK_FOLDER_FULL}'
Stafford, David
Excellent, thanks for your help

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