Plasencia, Julio
I need to be able to insert the company name for Outlook contacts when a new contact is created by the database, but I do not want to insert from Outlook into database. I know I can use an advanced SQL command to do this, but I am not very experienced with SQL and only know the very basics; Can some one give me an example of how to do this?
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"but I do not want to insert from Outlook into database"
If you don't want to insert/update from Outlook to DB, you don't need custom commands?

Plasencia, Julio

I do want to insert, but I want it to ignore that column. The company name field on the database is a Read only field that gets the data from a related table. When I link that field to the company name field in Outlook, I am able to load records to Outlook, but unable to store. Do I need to use custom SQL for this?

yes you must use custom SQL to ingore a column.
The syntax for INSERT is:
INSERT INTO <your table> (col1, col2......) VALUES(value for col1, col2.....)
The syntax for Update is:
UPDATE <your table> SET col1=value for col1, col2= etc... WHERE <prim. key col>=some value

The syntax for Delete is:
DELETE from <your table> WHERE <prim. key col>=some value

IF you are using DB like SQL Server or Oracle, you can use Stored Procedures, but writing store procedures is more complex and
the syntax depends on the DB system.

You must replace the Value(s) part with the GeniusConnect parameters, please see for more info help topic:SQL Commands
Activate the SQL Trace (help topic "Advanced registry settings"),
hit store item for a new item (to create an insert statement) and existing (in DB) item (you must change some field value) to create an Update Statement.

Close Outlook, Open the trace file and use the SQL statements as example to write your custom SQL commands.
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