I have just installed Outlook Connect, when I start Outlook, it dosen´t show up.
simply, I cant find the program in Outlook..

I´m using Outlook 2003 against an Exchange 2003 server.
GeniusConnect adds a new toolbar / ribbon  to Microsoft Outlook, the toolbar is visible by default.
To show/hide the toolbar, right click the Outlook toolbar and check/uncheck the GeniusConnect menu item.

(You have to exit Outlook when installing GeniusConnect)
I have restartet my computer. None of it seems to work.
I read in the manual about the visible menu, but it dosen´t shows up.

Neather if I right click at the toolbar.

Other suggesions?
Please check:
Outlook Menu Tools->Other->Advanced Options->COM Add-Ins...->

You have to see GeniusConnect in the list of Outlook Add-Ins. The Checkbox before GeniusConnect
has to be "checked".

Are you sure you are using latest version of GeniusConnect, if not please download latest version ( from our website.

Rösch, Dominik
I have the same problem as above discribed.
I restared Outlook
I repaired Outlook
I reinstalled GeniusConnect

There is the CheckBox it is unchecked if i set the flag and press ok it is disappeared when opening again the COM Add-Ins
in the Registration below this Key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addinsthere is no Genius
Thanks for help.
Outlook has to be closed when installing GeniusConnect!
Please close outlook uninstall GeniusConnect and install it again.

If GeniusConnect is still invisible (To show/hide the toolbar, right click the Outlook toolbar and check/uncheck the GeniusConnect menu item. ),
please check the disabled items in Outlook:

Outlook->Help->About->Disabled Items
Rösch, Dominik

Outlook->Help->About->Disabled Items

was the point. the other suggestions i've tried already.

Hi there - I am trying to setup GeniusConnect for my boss. I had no problem loading a trial version for myself, or for another coworker of mine.

My boss had exited outlook and installed the program.

She's got a folder for it in her Program Files.

It is not showing up as a toolbar for her in Outlook.

She is using Outlook 2003 SP2
She has the com add-in enabled
It's not in her disabled items list
the toolbar does not show up in her add/remove toolbars menu.

We've uninstalled and re-installed with Outlook closed twice now. Is there soemthing else I can check?

can you try to right click the Outlook toolbar (if installed you will see GeniusConnect as menu item), maybe the GeniusConnect toolbar is disabled?
GeniusConnect is not there when she right-clicks.

Should i maybe uninstall, hack her registry, and then re-install it fresh? I can't think of why it would appear to install, and the COM add-in would be available, but it not show up. Unless she's got some sort of background outlook running, where even if the app is closed, it's not off.
Do you have enough permissions on her PC? Or is it a terminal session?
She should have God Rights to her machine - no terminal session - I don't think, unless she's accidentally in remote desktop. I doubt it but stranger things have happened. When she has a free moment i'll sit down with it, and see if i can figure out what's going on.
Well i turned off the hotsync service, and also gotomeeting service, and then reinstalled the app. It still didn't work, so i tried removing the COM Add-in, restarting outlook, and adding the COM Add-in back, and up popped the toolbar. Not sure what that was about, but i'm glad i got it fixed, we're kinda geeked up about playing around with this program. Thanks!