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I understand that GeniusConnect does not change the value of the email address. But because my company is using exchange server for the email. When i am creating a new contact in my outlook contacts, under the email field, i type my email address then after i proceed to another field, it will change email address to
my exchange display name under the email field. When i hit the store all button, what's in my database for that particular record under email field will be /o=EAC/ou=SGSINCLL/cn=Recipients/cn=Group Information Services/cn=rabl-sin. Is there any way out? My primary key is OCS_ID. Neither the email type nor the email address is part of the primary key. When i am loading a new contact from the database to my outlook contacts, it will search through my global address list and replace the email type from "SMTP" to "EX" and display the exchange display name. I will want only SMTP email address to appear in my outlook contact list and database. Someone please help and advise. Thanks in advance!

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If you are runnig Exchange 2000 or higher in native mode, you don't need
the X.400 address anymore. The reason it was there was because in Exchange
5.5, all internal routing was handled by X.400 address rather than SMTP. In
Exchange 2000, all internal routing is handled by SMTP so you can safely do
away with it. Just unchceck the box for the X.400 address in your recipient
policies and then have the recipient update services update/rebuild all the
email stamsp on your AD users.

*use at your own risk. What I'm saying is true, but only you know your
network and only you are responsible for it.

select the column in Assign Table Dialog and click “Conversion” button

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