I have been using GeniusConnect for some while now, a great product. I am not a programmer and trying to do the following.

I have created a field in my database that when a NEW contact is stored, it will store the contact and this field will set to 1. However, when the new contact is stored, the field is instead set to 0. I want to write an update to change this to 1 after the contact is saved, but cannot get this right.
Possibly my syntax is incorrect? Can you please assist?
Should I be inserting this? UpdateSQLCmd=UPDATE `Contacts` SET ` OCS_InFACTSReports`='1' WHERE ` OCS_ID`='@APPT_ID'

Or simply ` OCS_InFACTSReports`='1'
To insert default value 1, you can add the field in Assign Table -> Mandatory fields:

To update, you should use all the fields (I assume you want to have the other fields also in your DB), example :
Use the paramters button to insert the correct values, it can be OCS_InFACTSReports='1' or OCS_InFACTSReports=1, depends on datatype, if it is char/varchar type it should be '1'.

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