Topic: User Defined fields - how to fix?

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GeniusConnect V5 Outlook 2003
Version:501101 Multi-Byte 32 bit build.
Edition:5, Outlook version support: 2000 or higher.
Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2003 ( 32bit
Microsoft® Office Access® 2003

GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
First some Background/Research...

User Defined Fields

In Help:

....."It is possible to define custom fields in Outlook. These fields can be linked to a table / view column.
The User Defined Field(s) must exist in the Outlook Folder before starting the mapping process. GeniusConnect will scan the first 50 Item’s in the folder to collect the user defined fields."

however it also says in the second topic that....

"Assign fields
To link an Outlook field to a database field, click at the ‘DB Field’ column part of the Outlook field row to display a combo box with available columns. Select in the combo box the appropriate database field. Each database field can only be linked to one Outlook field.

Every Outlook Folder Type (Calendar, Contacts etc.) has a different set of available fields (depends also on Outlook Version). Please see Outlook documentation and Microsoft Support site for details about available Outlook Fields" ....
These are NOT the four fields that can be defined...

They are created by...

1. By clicking 'Phone List'
2. right clicking on on a Field name
3. choose 'Field Chooser'
4. Select the drop down arrow and Scroll down until you reach 'User-defined Fields in Folder'

If I wanted add any fields I now would click on 'NEW..' and name/Type/Field
What do you mean with "the four fields that can be defined"?
You can define any number of Outlook user-defined fields (in Outlook).

GeniusConnect doest not define Outlook user defined fields, it just scans (50 by default) folder items and asks these items for their User defined fields.

In Assign Table dialog:
GeniusConnect will display these Outlook user defined fields as any other Outlook column with (User Defined Type) extension. Example: MyCustomField(User Defined Type)

So you must have Outlook items in your folder with Outlook User Define fields before you can map them to Table columns.