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Please read the help file topic: Synchronize Auto 
(You don't have to enter the switches manually, use button "Use Windows Scheduler" on "Synchronize schedule" tab and GeniusConnect will generate a job in Windows Task Scheduler)

The GCScheduler.exe is located in the GeniusConnect installation directory.
(Usually: "C:\Program Files\Genius@WORK\GeniusConnect")


Use –s parameter to start Outlook automatically 
Use –e parameter to exit Outlook automatically
Use –p <profile name> parameter to use a specific Outlook profile. (If your profile name contains a space, enclose the profile name in quotation marks.)

Use -o parameter to use a specific Outlook start switch
(only used with -s parameter)

Outlook Command-line switches... 

From version
Use -n <scheduler/Task name> to use a specific scheduler/Task
(Only folders with <scheduler/Task name> specified on "Synchronize scheduler tab" will get synchronized)

Registry setting for GCScheduler.exe:

Specify GCScheduler wait time for Outlook:
(only used with –s [start Outlook])
KEY: WaitSecondsForOutlookStart
DWORD: default=15 (decimal)

Examples scheduler task command line:
Start Outlook
GCScheduler.exe -s

Start Outlook, exit Outlook after sync
GCScheduler.exe –s -e

Start Outlook with profile "myProfile", exit Outlook after sync
GCScheduler.exe -p myProfile -s -e

Start Outlook, Exit Outlook , sync folders with MySched1
GCScheduler.exe -s -e -n MySched1
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