Arps, Bevan
I'm trying to make a small modification to an existing (working) GeniusConnect configuration to bring across additional information.

My source database has a field "PrimeContacts" that contains a comma separated list of names. I want to map this through to a custom field within Outlook called "RBNZ Contacts" of type "Keywords".

In a test system, with just 50 contacts, the mapping works perfectly.

In our production system (with 7700+ contacts), the custom field "RBNZ Contacts" is not listed for mapping within the Genius Connect "Assign Table" dialog.

The custom field "RBNZ Contacts" does exist within the destination folder - and I've manually assigned a value to a dozen or so contacts, to no avail.

I found the Help item that suggests modification of a registry entry to increase the number of contacts scanned, but this didn't help. Have tried changing this value to 200, 500, 5000 and 10000. The dialog never seems to take any discernable time to come up, so it seems that no scanning is occuring.

I've also found a post in this forum that suggested exporting the configuration from one folder, and importing to another. I've tried exporting from my test configuration, but the import fails on production with an error about the "RBNZ Contacts" field.

What do I need to do to get this custom field mapped across?

Do I need to find the "first" contact scanned by GC, and add the custom field there? How do I do this?

[I have other fields that I want to introduce as well, this is the first change of a series.]

Technical information (from the Genius Connect "About" tab): Version:4-2000(40030) Multi-Byte build.Outlook version

Hoping you can help,
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

I have just tested on a folder with +- 6000 items, MaxScan set to 10000 and it works.
Do you have all permissions on the folder? Are you running in cached mode?

can you try to Export/import the setting using registry file: GeniusConnect setup->Database Tab->Right click on the folder

Please update also your GeniusConnect to latest version:

Arps, Bevan
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I believe the user has all rights to the folder. The same user as runs Genius Connect is able to create user defined fields and use them to store values against contacts.

Q: when you ran your test on a large folder, with MaxScan set to 10000, how did you know it had worked? I'd like to check my own enviroment in the same way.

Q: How do I tell if I am running in Cached mode? There is no value "CacheFile" under HKCU\Software\Genius@Work\GeniusConnect\Settings.

I'll give the "Export/Import using registry key" technique a try and report back.

Thanks again,

it takes lots of time to scan 10000 item, so opening the Assing Table Dialog takes about 45 seconds.