Komaromi, Steve
I have installed GeniusConnect to our servers. After log-in, I have continued setting up a connection to replicate one of our public folders from SQL. I made other changes like; access to the program been password protected, some GeniusConnect toolbar buttons disabled etc... I thought that this setup will be global and all of my user will benefit from the configuration. Later I have noticed that other users profile still "bare vanilla" missing all the config changes that I have in my profile.

I understand that this make the program highly user configurable, but in our environment we only have to sync one folder and for everyone the same. Is there any way that I can duplicate all the registry entries that was created in my user hive or whatever the changes are stored to other users without using the GUI.

GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
Do NOT synchronize a Public folder from multiple GeniusConnect installs.

Content of a public folder is visible for other users by default. With Auto.Save option ON, any changes in the Public Folder will be saved to the DB automatically
Komaromi, Steve

Thanks for the response. We have I guess a special case. Our sync is only one way. The data has a web interface in our business application where changes, additions, deletions are made and data entry is validated. Than it is being pulled into the public folder (Contacts type). The public folder in Outlook is only used for displaying the data and as a contact resource for sending emails. I want to provide the users with ability to only one option: "Load Item" to update an entry in Outlook after they made change using the web inerface. Addition of new items and deletions of records would appear in Outlook after a scheduled full one-way update from sql.

In short, I would like to set up GeniusConnect on all workstations the same way, including set up data connection for that public folder, allow the use of "Load Item" button only and locking the GUI so users can not make changes in config.

I try to do this at one time for everyone rather then set them up one-by-one.
OK, you can for example Export your settings and import it on the target PC.
The best way to implement this , is "DB change detection", you don't have then to use manule refresh, see help topic:Database change detection

If you go for the manual refresh/Install on every PC:
See help topic:Import
Also for auto deployment, help topic: Automatic Deployment
Komaromi, Steve

There are two things. If I understand how the program works, for the "DB change detection" to work, one profile with the settings would have to run outlook all the time. GeniusConnect is not running as an NT service, it must be something that starts the stored procedure periodicaly to check for db changes. Am I correct?

The second...and probably it is my fault, I tried that feature, but I couldn't figure out how to write a stored procedure that would make it work. I would need some help with that.
Yes, you are correct, You can run GeniusConnect in some session and set the DB change stored to for example every 5 seconds.
or if you have for example less then 1000 contacts records, you can also use only Auto Scheduler, and run Load All every X minutes, then you do not need the DB change detection. If you have only few records, the Load All, can finish fast enough.
This depends on how many records you have and how fast is your DB, network, Sync PC.
Komaromi, Steve

I have about 3100 records that need to be dynamically displayed in Outlook. To update them all takes about 2-3 minutes. It is set to be done in every hour. Since it is running on my workstation I try not to do it more often.

In the last hour I was working with "DB change detection" stored procedure with no prevail. I have a date field in the table that gets updated when the user make changes in a record using our webpage. I wrote a stored procedure that returns all records that has been changed in the last 5 minutes and I set "DB change detection" to execute in every 60 second. It appears though that the returned records can not be matched to the records in Outlook so no update occures.

Here is the proc:

SELECT AgentNumber AS [Tran.Nr], 'u' AS ChangeType, AgentNumber AS [PrimaryKey1]
FROM Agents

Am I doing something wrong?
I can't check your stored procedure, we don't have your table structure and data.

Komaromi, Steve

Well thanks. The proc does return records that changed but somehow your program can not find a match in Outlook. I'm receiving this message upon trigger.

Connected to database
Database changes detected. Loading changes...

Scanning existing Outlook items
Failed to load:
No data found in database

Disconnecting from database
What is your primary key definition?
(Assign Table->Mandatory Keys)
Komaromi, Steve

DB Field: AgentNumber
Type: Primary
Identity: Yes
can you change "AgentNumber AS [PrimaryKey1]" to AgentNumber (remove the "AS [PrimaryKey1]" )

Komaromi, Steve

Yeah...that works.

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