We are currently working on a project to two-way synchronize our resource management program with Outlook.

The resource management program is running on a MS SQL 2000, and we use Outlook 2003.

For the resource management program to accept the booking, inserted from Outlook, must be on two rows in the same table, first the conference and next the resource booking. These two rows are tied together using an identifier returned from a stored procedure.

We have created a stored procedure for inserting the two rows but have trouble accessing data from the Outlook fields: Start, End and Subject. The data is needed in both the rows.

Is there a way to use this data either in a stored procedure or using the Outlook fields as variables in the SQL commands (advanced) window?
When you map these fields to a database field, you can use them as parameter.
("Insert Parameters" button)
Works like a charm,
Thank you very much.