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We have set a Filter via Registry Setting ("OutlookFilter")
While Syncronizing with "Load All" this Filter is used BUT when Outlook changes are Saved to the Database
(Using "Auto Save on Outlook Item Change") this Filter is not used.
So we have not wanted Calendar Data in the Database.
With the SP2 Version this was working fine.

Is this already known ?

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the "Outlook filter" always worked only during Store all/Load All, it was never using the "Outlook Filter" during individual Item operations.
See also topic: 

We did not change anything in Outlook Filter in SP3.

Is it possible to use "Only update and do not insert Database items" option?

Only update existing database records. (Never insert new records)
Use this option if Records may be created only using a specific application or process. GeniusConnect will ignore items created in Outlook, it will update only records previously loaded to Outlook from database.

Hm, i was sure the behavior was like was i wrote.
Never mind, "Only update and do not insert Database items" cannot be used but i will change the
Database Design so we can Ignore those "not wanted" entrys.

But maybe this is a good Feature for the next Version ;-)

Thanks !