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What is cached mode:
Cached Exchange Mode allows you to work with your Exchange account data when your connection to the Exchange server is interrupted or unavailable. Cached Exchange Mode stores a copy of your mailbox on your computer by automatically creating and using an offline folder file (a .ost file) into which it downloads and maintains a synchronized copy of the items in all the folders of your mailbox.

We do NOT recommend "Cached Exchange Mode" with GeniusConnect version prior release.

Please see this topic for GeniusConnect and higher: 

Synchronizing while using Cached Exchange Mode is not recommended. When you synchronize , full items will be downloaded in Outlook, and the synchronization process used is less efficient than with regular Outlook synchronization to users' computers. Also when sync between Outlook-Exchange fails, Outlook can delete all items previously inserted by GeniusConnect. 

Please see also Microsoft article:
Another way in which the benefits of using Cached Exchange Mode can be reduced is by installing certain Outlook add-ins. Some add-ins can bypass the expected functionality of Headers Mode (Download Headers Only) in Cached Exchange Mode by accessing Outlook data by using the object model. For example, if you use Microsoft ActiveSync® technology to synchronize a hand-held computer, full Outlook items will be downloaded, not just headers, even over a slow connection. In addition, the update process will be slower than if you downloaded the items in Outlook because one-off applications use a less efficient type of synchronization. 

Install Outlook and GeniusConnect on a dedicated PC (inside your LAN so no cached mode is needed). GeniusConnect can run unattended.
You can sync Multiple exchange-mailboxes or public folders from this install.

Dedicated GeniusConnect install has a number of advantages.
1. No installs and maintenance of GeniusConnect on client PC’s
2. No performance hit on client PC’s during the synchronizations
3. No connectivity errors on client PC if the client is offline

MS Exchange examples: How to synchronize multiple MS Exchange user accounts from one dedicated PC/Server with MS Outlook and GeniusConnect. 
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
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Outlook columns/properties not exposed in cached mode:

Exchange Folder owner
Exchange Folder owner email
Exchange Folder owner EntryID
Exchange Folder user name
Exchange Creator EntryID
Exchange Creator Name
Exchange LastModifier EntryID
Exchange LastModifier Name
Outlook User*


* not exposed only in Disconnected cache mode
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Enable caching for Public Folder (when synchronizing public folders) 
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How to configure the size limit for both (.pst) and (.ost) files in Outlook 
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Performance problems when you try to access folders in a secondary mailbox in Outlook 
About Outlook's Cached Exchange Mode and Online Mode: