I'm using the trial version of GeniusConnect to see if I can get data from our Medisoft Office Hours database (which uses the Advantage database engine) into Outlook. One problem is that Office Hours uses a separate date field for the date of the appointment and a time field for the appt time. Outlook, however, uses one datetime field.

How can I convert the date and time fields in the Advantage database into the datetime field in Outlook?

Mark J
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

you can create a view and join the date and time fields and display it as one column.
See also topic views: 

If I understand the concept of a view, it would require creating a view in the Advantage database. I don't know if Advantage allows that or not, but I would prefer not to alter the Advantage database in any way since it is actually a part of another application. I just want to retrieve data from it. Is there a way to combine the date and time fields into the Outlook "Start" field, which is a datetime type?
creating a view will not change anything in your database, View is only a "select.." query, and does not change data or behavior of your database.

You can also create the View in a different database (if don't want to change the application db) and only refer to the database and table you need.

Database MyDB

create view as select ..... from applicationdatabase.owner.table.....

Please note :
The syntax depends on your database system. (I think Advantage database engine will use T-SQL syntax (same as SQL Server))
I would have to use another db. If I did anything to mess up the Advantage db then we'd have problems with our service contract that the app that uses it!  you mention a workaround using SQL. Does that apply to this situation?
The custom SQL Commands are only for insert/update/delete not for select
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