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FAQ: Why do you not provide clear instruction how to connect to my database?

GeniusConnect connects to any DB System(with ODBC support) and Data-model, we don’t know your server manufacturer or version, Server location, Database name, table name, columns datatype or primary key definition, this is the reason we can’t give you instructions specific for your system.

Here some tips and hints:

Ask your IT administrator for the following info:

-Your database server connection parameters
(Usually server name or IP, User, Password, in some cases specific port, SSL Settings or other parameters, this depends on your server type)

-Your Outlook version and type (32bit or 64bit)

-ODBC Drivers needed to connect to your database server
32bit drivers for 32bit Outlook, 64bit drivers for 64bit Outlook

-Database name, Table (or View) name that contains data you need to sync with Outlook Folders

Once you collect this info, you can first follow one of the video demos, these demos are using MS SQL Server or MS Access, but the principles are the same for all database systems. Try translate/modify the steps in demos to your situation and data model.


You can also test one of the examples enclosed in GeniusConnect installation:

MS Access 

SQL Server 

More Examples: