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Microsoft Access sample database.

GeniusConnect setup installs(optional) an ODBC data source and MS Access sample database.

Datasource Name:
GeniusConnect and higher:
Outlook 32 Bits: GeniusConnect32Access
Outlook 64 Bits: GeniusConnect64Access

GeniusConnect and lower:

File Location:
GeniusConnect and higher:
<Public Documents>\GeniusConnect\Examples\MSAccess\ExampleAccess2000.mdb

XP <Public Documents>: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents
Win 10/Win 7/Vista <Public Documents>: C:\Users\Public\Documents

GeniusConnect and lower:
Installation directory:
C:\Program Files\Genius@WORK\GeniusConnect\Examples\MSAccess

1.Start Outlook and open the ‘GeniusConnect setup’ dialog.
2.Select on the database tab the folder you want to link to a database table.
3.Click the ‘Assign table’ button to open the ‘Assign table’ dialog.
4.Select "GeniusConnectXXAccess" data source
5.Click the ‘Connect’ button
6.Select a table (Contact Folder=Contact Table, Calendar Folder=Calendar table etc..)
7.Click Import Button to import example definition file
C:\Program Files\Genius@WORK\GeniusConnect\Examples\MSAccess
Example MS Access - Outlook Contacts XX.ini for CONTACT Table
Example MS Access - Outlook Calendar XX.ini for CALENDAR Table

8.Click OK to Save the settings
9.Click OK to exit configuration

In Outlook:
1.Select the folder (linked in steps above)
2.Click Load All button on the toolbar to get example record to Outlook folder
3.Click Store All button on the toolbar to store all record from Outlook to example database.

Please note, this is only an example, you can use GeniusConnect on different databases, with different features (depending on license level) like auto. sychronization, Auto.Save etc...

Please don't use example database for production!
Copy the example database to a production location and create an ODBC datasource to use the example DB in real production.

GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
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Please read also this topic Access ODBC driver and Office Click-to-Run: 
The MS Access sample database delivered with the setup is in Access 2000 format.
It is recommended to convert the sample database to higher version if you are using higher Office version.