I am working with an Access 2003 contact table created from a Timberline Address Book ODBC data sourece. Address fields mapped in table view are correct and view correctly. In Outlook 2003 the address fields are not imported correctly. EG. Business Address shows up in the City field, parts of the Business Address field show up in the State/Province field of Outlook. The State and City field to not show up in Outlook. Any Ideas on what is happening.
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Please check the field mapping.

If you have mapped the address components (City, Country etc.) unmap the "Address" column (Represents the whole, unparsed address).

If you are using only the "Address" column, Outlook will parse this text and auto-fill the City,Street etc... .
Thank you for your response, my contact database has each field seperated. If I unmap the Address field from Business Address in Outlook. Where do I map this Address field to show up in Outlook?
The "Business Address" is collected from Street,City etc.

Please click the Address button (in Contact detail window) to see all components.
I understand now what Outlook does with the Business Address field. My problem now is, my data base as each address field seperated. Address_1 is Street, Address_2, City, State, Zip, ect. I unmapped Address_1 from Business Address and left all the others. Outlook Address Detail is now correct with exception to I am missing the Street (Address_1) field. Genisus does not allow more than one field per Outook field. Do I need to edit my database table to join these fields and map to Business Address?
I think I have it figured out. I mapped my data base field Address_1 to Outlook Business Address Street, Address_2 field to Outlook Business Adress PO Box. It seems to be correct. Thanks for your help.
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