Are OST files supported for contacts? Our company is removing all PTS files thru 3rd party software. Will Genuis Conect work with OST.

Also is the application started only in outlook or can we put a wrapper around the application and call it.

Jim Richards
Siebel Development
Hoffmann La Roche Pharma
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)

GeniusConnect is not using .pst, .ost or any other Outlook format, GeniusConnect is using Outlook Object Model
to communicate with Outlook. This means GeniusConnect is independet of Outlook storage format.

But, if the storage provider is "buggy", Outlook and also GeniusConnect can get unstable.

Please download the demo and test it first!

GeniusConnect starts only in Outlook, you can try to develop a wrapper since all modules are COM based, but the calls are not documented! We can develop customized version for you or help with your development.