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Bug Fixes version
Date conversion error if date value empty
Memory leak exception handling
Bug Fixes version
Progress dialog limited to 1500 rows to avoid memory consumption
Memory leak inserting (not updating!) more then 2000 rows into Contact folder
Bug Fixes version
Error starting help on Win98SE
Database cursor warnings MS Access ODBC Driver
Bug Fixes version
AutoSync: folders in other then default store not synchronized
Startup faster, folders scan removed from startup
array handling optimized
Bug Fixes version
MySQL time datatype support fixed
Bug Fixes version
SQL statements are generated using ANSI quoted identifiers.
Column/Table/View names with, for example space characters or reserved keywords, can be used.
select My Field from My Table, results in syntax error, it was not possible to use some characters in Column/Table names.
version will translate My Field to "My Field" using the ANSI quoted identifier.
Query generated by GeniusConnect will result in:
select "My Field" from "My Table"
IMPORTANT: if you are using old ODBC drivers, please upgrade to version that supports ANSI quoted identifiers!

Bug Fixes version
-ANSI quoted identifiers New checkbox on assign table dialog to set use of ANSI identifiers per folder.
-new birth date handling
date value will be ignored if db value equal outlook value, this will avoid strange outlook behavior (adding birth date multiple times to calendar).

Bug Fixes version
support for Outlook user-defined fields
Bug Fixes version
problem with Microsoft ODBC Excel driver fixed
table owner bug fixed
help file update
Bug Fixes version
Bug in Outlook Folder tree when using Outlook 2000

IMPORTANTIf you use previous version of GeniusConnect:
It is advisable that backup of linked folders be made prior this installation.

To do this use the 'Export' buttons at the bottom of the 'Assign table' dialog.
If your current version of GeniusConnect is lower then, not all settings will be taken over.
Please check your settings and folder assignment (Primary and mandatory keys) after installation!

To determinate GeniusConnect version see: Configuration Dialog ->About page:OutlookConnect.dll version.

GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)