I have many contacts in a separate cuctom contact management system. I would like to export those contacts to a .txt or .csv file (easy enough). Then I would like to use GeniusConnect to import those contacts into Outlook.

What I've tried is this:
1) Exported contacts into a contacts.csv file
2) In GeniusConnect, selected my Contacts folder, then clicked Assign Table
3) In ODBC Datasource Admin, I created a new datasource ("Contacts") using the Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt, *.csv)
4) I selected that new datasource in the Assign Table editor, and clicked Connect.
5) In the Table drop-down menu, I see the contacts.csv file I had created earlier
6) In the area below, I see a long list of Outlook fields, however when I click the "DB Field" select box there is nothing in it. It's empty

I tried various ways of doing this, to no avail. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Does GeniusConnect even support text/csv datasources?

- Erich
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
Here's a screenshot of what I was talking about too:
We think this problem is Microsoft ODBC text driver related, we are also not able to get any columns from the ODBC text driver.

The only solution we found, is opening the .csv file in MS Excel, saving as .xls and then using the .xls file with ODBC driver for Excel.
Please download GeniusConnect version with some aditional handling for microsoft excel driver.
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