Stafford, David
In a previous question in this forum, the following reply was given:

GeniusConnect is using primary key (defined by the user), the primary key Column name(s) and value(s) are stored in
Outlook Item custom-fields OCPRIMNAMES, OCPRIMVALUES for every item Loaded/stored from/to database.
These custom fields are visible in Outlook till version

This implies that each folder in Outlook must be read/write. However, in our multi-user situation I have "reviewer" access only to each user's calendar folder.

Must I obtain full access to each of the calendar folders?

GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
Only the user running GeniusConnect (for that folder)must have write permission. I assume that the "reviewer" is not running GeniusConnect on other user's Calendar.

Stafford, David
I will be the only person running Genius Connect but, at the moment, I am only a "reviewer" for other users' folders.

It seems I'll have to get this changed.

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