Database configuration to table in Access (MS Office 2003)shows correct data in Assign Table, "show database values in floating window", for mapped fields. Some fields on table are intentionally not mapped to Outlook. Outlook populated with load all command. In Outlook, address fields are duplicated or showing other than the intended address field. The "All Fields" tab on a contact, select "address fields" - shows listing with incorrect field data. Causes error on write to Access because an Outlook field that should be populated is empty, ( and the Access field can not be null).

Also during "Assign Table", the Access primary key was mapped to an Outlook field, but generated a "no primary key" error. I overrode this using the mandatory key button, without using an SQL statement, since the primary key is a government issued # & should not be user generated. So the update database from Outlook button works, but the config settings are grayed.
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-what Outlook Address Fields are linked?
-do you have same problem using the MS Access demo?
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If the SQL Statement for primary key generation is missing, inserting new Outlook items to the table will fail.
Linked Outlook items: Home Address, Home Address City, Home Address State, Home Address Street, Home Address PO Box, Home Address Postal Code.

These fields are linked seperately to Access fields, but within access these fields are added to create complete address for the "Home Address" field, as below:

The Outlook Home Address field is in Acesss a statement adding some of the above fields, so that a complete street is created from the parts - house #, street name, street type, street direction, apt #. Example: 250 N. Fry Place, Apt 10 - consists of separate fields - 250- N. - Fry - Place- Apt 10 - However in Contact the Home Address field shows these street components correctly, but substitutes instead of State, City, & Zip, the Country, which had not been defined.

I have fixed this problem. Apparently the Outlook "Home Address" field should not be mapped. Outlook compiles the home address field from street, city, state, and postal code. The fix was to change the mapping of my street expression, the compilation of #, street name, apt, etc., from "home address" to "home address street".

Re: the SQL primary key: I created an SQL, but still get message that the primary key is linked to a visible outlook field, and that the user could change the primary key leading to inconsistent results. So to what field should the primary key be mapped?

Options: Are grayed below sychronize private items, Sychronize tab is completely grayed. Single user license, fully registered.

please don't link the primary key field to an Outlook Field(except if you exactly know why!
-Remove the link to Outlook Field
-Define "Primary Key" field in Mandatory/Primary key dialog ("Mandatory keys" button)

-you have private license, to get the auto sync options you need Business version, please see
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