I'm still configuring the connection.
Everything is up and running; I've got a custom form, connected 53 fields to it (it was a lot of work actually to figure out which outlook fields to use (and which not to!) an which custom fields to) but now this all works. I can even update and add items to my database. However, there remains one more issue;

When I click 'load item' the following error appears: ! No primary keys available for this contact. Without primary keys it is not possible to load the contact from the database.

I'm wondering what this means. I do have a primary key, and I even tried to add it to my custom form (which worked, but didn't resolve my issue). So now I can upload one contact into the database, but I cannot upload one contact from the database?

Also, is the issue of duplicate contacts (http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=223890 ) resolved in newer versions of Outlook (We're using v2000 still)

Thank you
If you hit "Load Item", it means Load selected Outlook Item from the database.
If the selected item has never been saved to the database, or Loaded using "Load All" button, the Outlook Item is not linked
to a database record.

Store the item using "Store All" Or "Store Item".

More Info:
GeniusConnect stores the primary key info in custom fields OCMPRIMNAMES,OCMPRIMVALUES.If these fields are missing(or corrupted), GeniusConnect can't find the database record, and shows the "No primary keys available for this contact. Without primary keys it is not possible to load the contact from the database." error.
Hi again,

Bedankt voor je snelle reactie [;)]

Can I somehow add the OCMPRIMNAMES, OCMPRIMVALUES manually, or connect them to my tables' primary key? Or should i refrain from messing with them?
Ill experiment a bit further.
Please, don't do that. If these fields are corrupted, GeniusConnet will insert the contact again!
Hmmm... without fooling around with it, all my OCMPRIM -values displayed in the Contact-'all fields'-tab are empty after a load-all. And when storing one item, no values assigned either.

So I already get double entries when pressing twice "load all".
Could there be something else wrong?
Please check your primary key definition.Assign Table dialog->Mandatory Keys button.
Check also your SQL Statement for prim.key generation!
This is not really clear to me; are you referring to one value or more?

The only column which I havent linked to an outlook field is "No"; my table's primary key.
So my primary key for SQL query reads "select max(No) + 1 from Contacts"

I don't have a need for mandatory values, so I only have this primary key defined, I believe that it should suffice?
this looks OK. So you can see the OCMPRIM.. custom columns but they are empty?
What is the datatype of "No" column?
Are you sure your custom form is published OK?
This sounds like custom-form problem.