So far this product looks like it will solve an issue we have. When I was testing, I noticed that OutlookConnect locks the database table but doesn't unlock it after use. The way our database is set up, the information is not in one table, so I created a 'Make Table' query and can not re-run the query unless OutLook is shut down, because the table is locked. Does the production software handle this differently?
GeniusConnect documentation search (User Manual Downloads...)
OutlookConnect is not using locking or transactions.
This behavior depends on database and ODBC driver.

In MS Access you can change the default Open Mode to "shared",
this has nothing to do with OutlookConnect (MS Access Menu Tools->Options->Advanced).
This options can be also set in ODBC Datasource.

Thank you. I'll try your suggestion.
I verified that the database is opened shared and the DSN name is shared, but I still can not re-run the make table query without shutting down OutLook. Any other suggestions where I can look to fix this?
-the make table query
1.If this is drop and recreate of a Table, then it is possible that MS Access will prohibit the drop action if a connection to database is open.
2.If this is just deleting existing row's and inserting new rows, then something is wrong

I will make disconnecting or re-starting outlook a part of the procedure to use OutlookConnect. I have another question. I have loaded the people into a contacts folder using OutlookConnect, but when I try to send an e-mail to that list the names don't show up on the contact list. I don't have all the fields filled in, is there a specific filed that must contain data before the names will be displayed on the list? What do I have to do to send a mail to a member of the list?
I solved this challenge. The fields from the database contain spaces which Outlook doesn't like. Whick creates another challenge, but that's my problem. Thanks for your help.